October 28, 2010


Danielle was here!
One of my good friends since Jr. High
and her husband, too
came to Washington for a night.
The boys and I showed them downtown Seattle,
then we met Eric for eats at Ivar's and a ferry ride to the island.
There were doughnuts, hot chocolate, and games at night
and the next day,
while the kids were at school,
we did some antique shopping.
So glad she came to visit!
And that the boys became street performers . . .

And while I'm on the topic of visitors,
it was great having my cousin
and his beautiful family
stop by last month.

Don't forget, we are happily accepting all announced visitors (well, as long as we know you somehow and you don't mind two boys jumping on you and playing games until late into the night and staying in a guest/crafts/school storage room), You are especially welcome if you choose to come see us during the Christmas holiday!
Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. Your boys are funny. Love the videos. Glad you got visitors! That is more than I can say for myself! =) Still hoping and wishing!

Jacqui said...

Hey! I haven't even gotten to see Trevor and Andrea in FOREVER!