October 11, 2010

A Schedule

School started about a month ago
and the routine of daily life has fallen into place.
I love it.
I love schedules and routinues.
I stay flexible of course, but it's nice to have a plan.
I thought I might document a typical day in the life of our little family.
It may be fun to look back on later on . . .

5:30am Eric exercising, me sleeping, Kacin, like clock work, up to potty and hopefully back to bed
7:15am Family Scriptures and prayer
7:30am Eric to work, breakfast, ready for the day, chores
8:40am Picture scripture story and practice memorizing Articles of Faith
8:45am Off to school--carpool for Kyler, drive or ride bikes to get Kacin to school
9:20am Kids at school, Eric working hard at the office, me at home watching TV and eating chocolates
HAHA. Just kidding. Me volunteering in classrooms, cleaning house, grocery shopping and errands, exercising, practicing piano, and working on various projects.
12:00pm Kacin done with school, lunch, homework, reading, playing, working
3:30pm Kyler home from school, snack and story from The Friend, homework, reading, playing, usually a TV show, making dinner
6:00pm Hopefully Eric is home, because we are all starved and ready to eat dinner
7:00ishpm Showers, ready for bed, reading, family song and prayer
8:00pm Kids asleep, Eric chilling or working on the computer or off playing basketball, Me walking, still at Young Women's activities, piano lessons, book club or some such thing, and sometimes we are even both home together at the same time
10:30ish To sleep
Darcee said...

Sounds heavenly!

You'll be glad for your record in years to come!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Ah the life at the Allred's. Awe how I miss it!

nancy said...

What a great schedule, except that Eric has to work so late.