October 9, 2010

More Soccer

The rain was falling down
and the fields were pretty muddy,
and the game went on.
Kyler has gotten much better
at passing the ball and working with his team mates to score.
Kacin is awesome at staying with the action
and when the ball goes out,
he's always ready to throw the ball back in--
to himself.
We had to teach him that there is a rule
that you can't be the first one to touch the ball after you throw it in.
He didn't want to listen.
He thought it was a brilliant idea to drop the ball right over the line
and take off kicking it.
Beats trying to pass and getting intercepted.

As you scroll down,
you will notice Kyler the dancing goalie.
He was having way too much fun out there.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! I love it! Go team Go!

nancy said...
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nancy said...

Good job Kyler and Kacin!! How exciting!