October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This holiday always makes me think of my mom
and then I miss being home
in the Fraser field neighborhood
for trick or treating, homemade rootbeer, skeleton decorations,
and hearing the cackling witch who takes her place of honor in our entryway.

We had our fair share of Halloween fun though.
We dressed up for the church carnival on Friday night.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse,
Peter Pan, and Ronaldinho (the professional soccer player from Brazil)

We made our own homemade rootbeer
and joined some friends for trick-or-treating Saturday night.
We had a list of families from the ward
we could drive around to
who would be home to pass out candy.

We had a spooky Halloween dinner of eyeballs, bugs, etc.
at our cool friends house (we just love the Stocks)
and made haunted houses.

The boys are currently getting all ready for bed now.
We promised them that we would turn on the fireplace tonight
and tell spooky stories.
They're really excited to hear
the Bloody Bones and Dirty Diapers story again . . .
Happy Halloween!
Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha I love that story! I wish I could remember it well enough to tell! I LOVE the costumes! GReat job! I also miss and wished I made the Rootbeer! Happy Halloween!

Cheryl said...

I have been a little behind on my blog reading. I'm all caught up now and I'm better for having read up. Your costumes are great, your stories are great, and my curiosity is high about the Halloween stories you mentioned. I can't wait to hear them next time I talk to you. I'm so glad you are having fun times. Keep enjoying!

Darcee said...

Your kids have such a fun mom and dad!

Barb said...

Sorry to say that I felt my empty nest way too much, and moped around almost all weekend. It was partly because I am still fatigued from mono.I didn't really want to celebrate the holiday, and I didn't make rootbeer. : ( We did have a nice time Sat., Jacosh came over and helped with candy giving. Next year I need to plan ahead, and invite people over, or be somewhere where there are little children. Boo to me. But I LOVE the pictures!

Holly Decker said...

one question. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU GET ERIC TO DRESS UP WITH YOU? seriously. Jeff is such a party pooper.

love you, miss you... hope all is well :)

Barb said...

Eric loves playing dressup, I have seen him in some very strange things!