October 28, 2010

Everything Pumpkin

Kacin had a school trip to the pumpkin patch.
He loved having the time to play with his best friend from school.
These two boys are so cute together.
Kacin thinks his friend is just the coolest
and he tells me that he loves having a best friend.
Cute side story: Kacin has been wearing tape on his glasses over one eye to help make his other eye stronger. One day, this little friend of Kacin's came to his mom, trying to be cool like Kacin I suppose. He was wearing sunglasses that he had taped on one lens! He wanted to wear them to school, too. I think that is the sweetest thing!

Some friends invited us last weekend to a pumpkin patch
and then back to their house for carving.
We went to the pumpkin patch
and began the search for the perfect pumpkin.
We were pretty excited,
But after rows of green or rotten or too big=too much money pumpkins,
we left with nothing and decided it would be better to stop at the grocery store
and get a pumpkin there.
We're cheap and lame, I know.
We ended up carving the pumpkin
Kacin had picked out on his pumpkin patch field trip.
Kacin's design . . .

Yesterday, I went to two different grocery stores looking for our pumpkins.
No pumpkins at the first store.
Kind of green, but cheap at the second.
We picked out the best two we could find
and tonight we carved some spooky creations.