October 17, 2010

Corn Maze and More

We wandered through a corn maze yesterday,
with Kyler happily leading the way
choosing left or right.
Oftentimes to him,
left was right and right was left
and we were definitely walking in a loop,
but what difference did it make?
Until Kacin was starving
which led to whining which led to
Eric sneaking peeks at the map he was given
and guiding us through.
As I held Kacin's hand
and pulled him along
I tried to explain to him that a corn maze was really a metaphor for life,
wandering along, not always seeing our way, making a few wrong turns, but there are places along the way a little higher up that give us a greater perspective and we can stay together and use the map and with patience and effort we would make it out.
He explained to me
that he had to go to the bathroom
And so we all learned
that you should never eat the corn that lines the paths of a corn maze.
We made it out
and enjoyed a few more fall festivities at the farm.
Hamster run . . .
 Face painting . . .
 Fishing . . .
 Hay ride and pumpkin blaster . . .
Stefanie Hyer said...

Love it! Love all the holiday festivities! Glad you guys got to enjoy it and you learned many life lessons along the way!