September 23, 2010


Kacin's teacher
passed out a classroom newsletter today.
The last item was about a timeline to be displayed on the wall,
It was a request
each child to bring in
baby picture.

I've always known,
but today I realized,
and it made me so so so very sad,
baby pictures.

I hope it doesn't ever trouble my boys too much.
I hope they don't feel sad
when they see pictures of their friends as babies
or are asked to do projects
and all we can tell them about is how cute
we have imagined their little baby selves to be.
How we're sure
Kacin was the deliciously chubby baby
who laughed, smiled, and then screamed through the night
Kyler was born with patches of hair that would never lay flat,
and big, searching, thoughtful eyes,
a baby who cooed and babbled at the world around him.

I hope it doesn't bother them
that we can't prove it.

I'm glad that after chatting with Kacin's sweet teacher
she decided to shift the focus
from baby picture
to when-you-were-little picture.

And maybe my currently overloaded
digital camera is making up for something.
Barb said...

Oh, Lolo, I think I forgot that Kacin wasn't an Allred all of his life. Dear little buddy, I think the no picture thing will bother you more than him, he loves his Mama and Daddy so much that those things don't matter. Besides, you have more pictures of your boys than I do of all my girls!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Wow. You sure know how to word things Laura! That sounded so nice and sweet I want a baby description like that! Im glad things worked out!

Cheryl said...

You do have a gift for wording things. We imagine lots of early moments around here too! I always hate the question "Ask your parents how you got your name." We always say something like, "You know how some kids are just born with some traits? Well, you just came with your name. It fit you perfectly." But I'm with your mom; having baby pics is nice, but having the world's most awesome parents is priceless!!!

Darcee said...

Sometimes I zoom around life feeling all 'normal' and then something happens that makes me realize I'm not as normal as I think I am. . .I realized the other day that when my girlies get big enough I'm going to have to explain the reason for different last names in our family. That's hard. I don't want to. I wish it wasn't that way. But that's how my life has worked out so it will have to be done. And I hope they will still love me.

So in that regard I can relate to this and I hurt for you, but I'm also easily happy for you that you have been able to enjoy your boys for as long as you have! (I should apply that same type of thinking in my life!)It seems to me you've had them long enough to have some nice much-younger pictures!

The Kovar Family said...

I just saw this post... Sometimes I think it is harder for us parents because we mourn the fact that we missed their baby stages... You are a good mom and your boys know they are loved. When they have questions you'll give them the best answer that you can... and know that their lives, and your lives, are so much better now that you are all a family.