September 11, 2010

Hiking for Blackberries

That's what it ended up to be.
We had a few hours in the afternoon
and decided to take a hike.
We pulled out our local hiking guide
to try our third hike out of the twenty-five nearby.
We picked a 2.5 mile trail,
nice and flat.
It was perfect weather--
sun shining, blue skies, puffy white clouds.
We went over many little bridges and saw ducks, birds, insects,
and a little snake that scared me to death
when I almost stepped on it.

The favorite though
was the sweet, ripe blackberries lining the trail.
The boys and their tummies
thought they were quite yummy.
It was a happy time.
Hence the happy, waving shadows.
22 more hikes for us to explore . . .
Barb said...

It looks like a happy time, I love the Allreds!!!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awesome! Love all the happiness!