September 29, 2010

gag Brushing yuck Teeth gross

has been known to
throw his cereal bowl in the garbage,
napkins in the sink,
head to clear the table and make it halfway up the stairs
before realizing the kitchen table is actually located downstairs
in the room he started in,
and lose his socks in the drawer under the oven.
I'm sure he just has a lot of important, deep thoughts
swimming through his mind.
Though this morning,
He wasn't so thrilled about the consequence
of not paying attention.
He went in the bathroom to brush his teeth.
A few minutes later,
we all hear
gag gag yuck splicht gag gross
He had squirted the hand soap onto his toothbrush
instead of squeezing the toothpaste.
Barb said...

Is he related to his Aunt Jenny? I do believe so!

Stefanie Hyer said...

haha. That IS very gross! That is very funny tho that he does that! It is good to experiment I guess!?

Cheryl said...

I read this out loud. Without missing a beat, Daniel simply replied, "I've almost done that several times." Oh, Kyler, you've got a friend in him!!!