September 16, 2010


Not here.
Even on a rainy day.
There's singing and dancing (in the rain),
puppet shows,

*sad note: Kyler also did an awesome puppet show, but I think because it was so long, it wouldn't upload here.
brownies gone cupcake,
and lettuce to be gathered from the garden.
Oh, and right now there's some arguing
going something like this.
Ka: I want to play in there, too.
Ky: I just want some privacy.
Ka: You can't shut the door!
Ky: Yes, I can. I am. It's my room.
Ka: No, it's not! Mom and dad bought it!
blah blah blah on and on

Let's call this afternoon
entertainment at its finest.
Stefanie Hyer said...

I love the videos! those will be great home videos for them to watch when they are older!

Barb said...

Your life, and theirs, is so rich with experiences, they will grow as rich as their lives are! (I love your cupcake holders)