September 8, 2010

Day One

Welcome day one of school!
Day one of First grade . . .
At 6 years old,
Kyler's favorites:
colors: green and red
food: fruits and vegetables, like grapes
friends: Jack and Bettiann
place to go: bookstore
book: Geronimo Stilton series
thing to do: read
toy: legos
movie: Star Wars
thing he did on the first day of school: math game

Day one of Kindergarten . . .
At 5 years old,
Kacin's favorites:
color: blue
food: chicken nuggets
friends: Jack, Ethan, and Owen
place to go: the store
toy: cars
thing to do: play outside
book: all sorts
movie: Cars
thing he did on the first day of school: ABC work
Stefanie Hyer said...

They are getting to old! =) JK not there yet Laura don't worry, not even close... but they are getting bigger! Hope they had a good first day! is Kacin so excited to go full day? It is full day isn't it?

nancy said...

Wow! Kacin and Kyler look so big. They have really grown!

Darcee said...

Are you scratching your head "how did this happen so soon?" They grow up so fast. . . Enjoy every minute!