September 3, 2010

1 Nephew

Happy 1st birthday, little Bryce man!
I'm so glad we got to celebrate
with you.
We love having this cute little nephew
and cousin.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe!!!! Please send me those pictures! I didn't even get but one picture that day! Thanks for posting it! He is having a good day so far! I am off to finish cleaning and making stuff for his cake and decorating! Love you! AND soon you guys will have ANOTHER little one... not sure if it is a nephew or niece yet. Then you can still say you have one nephew still if it is a niece. And the boys will each have a play toy! =) We find out in the next couple weeks what this baby is!

Barb said...

Sweet! All the boys are cute and precious and fun.

nancy said...

Kacin and Kyler the oldest of them all! What a treat to be the oldest and get to enjoy all the little ones that come.