August 4, 2010

With Scissors and Glue

Each month we read all the stories from the new Friend magazine
and then drop the magazine into my church bag
to color in and peruse during Sacrament meeting.
I finally got tired of the stack of mags filling my already full bag.
But sometimes I feel guilty about silly things
and one of those silly things was tossing the magazines in the recycling.
So my solution,
(which I'm sure has been done by many before me but I still think it's brilliant)
was to transform them into
The boys and I have been cutting pictures and words out of the magazines
and creating mini-collages on 4X6 index cards.
The pages are a mixture of pictures, quotes, or phrases.
We tried to give each page a different topic.
Kacin was a little stuck on the topic "things that make me happy".
one of Kacin's pages on left, one of Kyler's pages on right
Then we put them into mini-cheapo-photo albums
and voila!
We have two simple, any-age, take anywhere, uplifting books.

I love that we can take out, add, or move around the pages as needed
and the boys are so proud of the pages they made.
I hope they stay this excited about it and the books get used often. 
mommy said...

what a great idea. i am totally with you on the guilt of throwing the friend/new era/ensign away.

Darcee said...

Awesome idea! I love that they got to put in there what was important to them. (at their age I would have only cut out the craft pages!)

Barb said...

Yesterday I got brave and through away all the New Eras I had saved, and all the Ensigns that were not Conference editions. But I could not bring myself to throw out the Friends. All I could think about was the boys coming sometime, and using the Friends for reading, games or crafts. Always hopeful me. . .

Barb said...

I definitely meant threw, not through!

chelsea :: stock said...

totally copying you.

Stefanie Hyer said...

That is sooo cool! I love it! Genius really!

bryceandjamie said...

What a great idea! I bet your boys love those books!