August 8, 2010

Pictures and Explanations

Kyler loves reading. His favorite books to read are Geronimo Stilton Books. He is excited every time we go to the library and begs for extra reading time before bed. His excitement is finally starting to rub off onto Kacin who loves reading his own just-right books.
Kacin is super excited for Kindergarten. We did some back to school shopping and got him a backpack. He didn't take it off for two days. And kept bombarding me with questions about kindergarten, when it will start, does he really get to go each day, etc. We have a month until the first day and he will be at a montessori school again.
Disgusting. We were eating some grapes at lunch the other day and pulled this grape off the bunch. Luckily I inspected it before popping it into my mouth. There was a crusty, old bug stuck to it. (Thank you, Eric. I do wash my grapes. However, I do not soak them or power wash them. This one was stuck to another grape in the bunch and that bug was well stuck. The boys and I were just excited that we could take a cool picture of it. So yah.)
We visited a petting farm last week. Kyler's favorite time was spent with this goat. I guess it gets bullied by the other goats and they won't usually let him eat with them. Kyler spent a lot of time with one of the volunteers helping to feed and protect it.
It's hard to read from the pictures, but the sign says "Welcome Home Dad." We survived another week of Eric traveling. We weren't happy about him going (Kyler cried during church the morning E left), but we tried to be supportive and held up just fine. There was just one incident that left me perfectly frightened for sleeping by myself--I closed my door when I went to bed at night and woke up to the sound of the doorknob turning and the door opening. I thought it was just Kacin. But no. Nothing there. The only logical explanation at 3am was a ghost. I didn't sleep so well the rest of the night. (The logical explanation in the morning was the window fans turning on and off because of their automatic setting. That's what I'm telling myself anyways. . . )
We are all just very glad he is back home hiking, wrestling, and baking rolls with us.
They were supposed to be pulling weeds in the garden. Which they did. But they also managed to cover eachother in the dirt and weeds. You can see the stuff they poured on eachother in the second and third pictures. Oh, boys.
We've been trying some different forms of art this summer. A lot of them are things I learned in one of my college courses (I just loved studying early childhood education). This art project consisted of watered down tempera paint and a little rubbing alcohol in spray bottles and lots of paper. We had such a fun time getting messy and experimenting with colors.
Jenna Allen said...

Oo Losie! Sounds like you are having such fun. I'm so excited for Kacin starting school. And Kyler's new obsession with reading. You are such a good momma. :) I didn't know Eric's been travelling! The 'ghost' -- it was me...

Stefanie Hyer said...

Oh that's so cool! Glad you made it through the week! Glad E is home with you guys! Boys will be boys! I will get a taste of that in just a few short years =)

mommy said...

fun stuff. your boys are so cute. love the poster.