August 15, 2010

Picnic and Pianos

Eric's work held a company picnic,
Probably the best picnic I've ever been to.
Free food and LOTS to do.

Plus ice cream, bubbles, video games, and miniture golf.
We stayed the whole time
and came home with sunburns.

To end the day, we went on a date.
A little dinner and a search for
8 Pianos.
City of Everett put pianos, decorated by local artists,
around the downtown area for anyone to come and play.
On our quest, we found 5 of the pianos and one Goodwill store.
After the Goodwill, we continued on our way
with one hat, one red necklace, one visor, and one donkey-head watch.
We cool.
Stefanie Hyer said...

WOw! That picnic DID have LOTS to do!

Nate & Emily said...

Looks like tons of fun... well worth the sunburns!! :)

mommy said...

that looks like a pretty sweet picnic! tell aaron to get a job with eric.

nancy said...

Eric may be looking a little slimmer?