August 27, 2010

A Mouth Full

Of grapes.

August 26, 2010

Jetty Island

A 3-minute ferry ride
to a man made
sand haven.
Slightly swamp-like.
A little boy's paradise.

August 22, 2010

Goose Egg

If I had a nickel for every
bump, bruise, fall, scrape,
I'd have a lot of nickels.
This one was a doozie.
That would be a cherry sucker in his mouth.
And you can blame the dad for it.
They were playing baseball at the park.
E threw the ball to him.
The first words out of E's mouth when he brought him home?
"He almost had it, too!"
Good thing he's such a tough kid.
Most of the time,
he's not even phased by the number of times he trips in a day.
Or crashes into inanimate objects.
Gotta love this little man.

August 19, 2010

Fire Station

After much anticipation,
on Kacin's side,
the time came to visit
The Fire Station.
We had a pleasant tour
from four friendly firefighters
and saw the inside of the fire station,
the firefighter garb,
and the firetruck--
the firetruck with the 110 foot ladder.
Fireman Tony climbed to the top for us.
The boys (mine and our neighbor friends)
were thrilled with the experience
and inquisitive
and absolutely enthralled.
Kacin was sure
that he would get to turn on the lights and drive the firetruck.
Why did I even doubt and try to prepare him for the worst?
With his faith,
and those glasses and that face,
Of course,
Which made for some big smiles.

August 15, 2010

Picnic and Pianos

Eric's work held a company picnic,
Probably the best picnic I've ever been to.
Free food and LOTS to do.

Plus ice cream, bubbles, video games, and miniture golf.
We stayed the whole time
and came home with sunburns.

To end the day, we went on a date.
A little dinner and a search for
8 Pianos.
City of Everett put pianos, decorated by local artists,
around the downtown area for anyone to come and play.
On our quest, we found 5 of the pianos and one Goodwill store.
After the Goodwill, we continued on our way
with one hat, one red necklace, one visor, and one donkey-head watch.
We cool.

August 14, 2010


Eric took a day off.
We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo
and spent some time with the
Elephants . . .
Komodo dragons . . .
Orangutans . . .
Birds . . .
They (not me) had the best time feeding the birds. The birds flew all around (too many of them) and you held up a stick for them to eat from and they'd come land on you (so I made a quick exit).
Penguins . . .
Kyler the Model . . .
He asked me to take his picture again.
Who even taught him to model like this?
A good day at the zoo, zoo, zoo.