July 22, 2010

It's Been Started

I was trying to think of a good word
to describe how I'm feeling today,
but just a glimpse around my house would explain it.
I started laundrey.
I started pitting and freezing cherries.
I started making my bed.
I started cleaning the bathrooms.
I started putting girls camp gear away.
I started doing the dishes.
But I have not finished even one thing.
(except that bowl of oreo ice cream.)
They are literally all half done and scattered around my house.
This pattern has to be broken.
And so now I finish something.
The End.
Megan said...

Wow! I've never seen a cherry pitter before! I knew they had to exist though! Do you have a cherry tree? We have one in our backyard in Utah...

Dale said...

Not to ignore your distress, but what a COOL cherry pitter! And that bag of cherries is so mouth-watering. If you slice some cherries into a bowl of vanilla (or Oreo) ice cream then that's another thing you can enjoy finishing.

Cheryl said...

No one understands this post like I do! You have just described my life. I feel like I wander around unable to finish anything, and it's so stinking frustrating! I guess I'm just saying you're not alone, and we love you just like you are!!!! I do wish we were there to enjoy your unfinished cherries. Eat some for me!!

Barb said...

Oh, Laura, I do hope I did not somehow genetically pass the unfinished thing to you! I haven't seen much of that in you, so I believe it is just a case of "too much to do this week" for you. For me, there is no hope.

Barb said...

At least you started things!

Beckstrand7 said...

Amen to everything you said, & everyone else said, including the cool cherry pitter! Finishers happen too, eventually... (is that when they're all grown up and gone?)

Stefanie Hyer said...

I love that! That sounds like one of the poems in your poem book you have! You must publish!