July 4, 2010

I Heart

She surprised me

with him

and came to visit.
I was crazy surprised
to see them sitting on my couch
when we got home from fireworks last night.
They were in cahoots with E
and Stef

to make this big surprise possible.
It makes me happy to have family here
to play with for a few days.
And it makes me happy
that amid the craziness of so many people in the house
they all decided to nap at the same time.
So now Jac and I get to play with him.
And take pictures of everyone sleeping.
chelsea :: stock said...

you have the most creative posts. this is adorable.

have fun with your sisters, you deserve it!

Barb said...

Book, book, book, book. . .
(Write one!)

nancy said...

I love these pictures. Timing is everything!

mommy said...

how fun! I'm so glad you got together.