July 5, 2010


I've never experienced a 4th of July weekend quite like this.
Because we live in "unincorporated" land,
our neighborhood had the freedom
to go crazy with the fireworks.
And they did.

We started out our 2-day celebration
with a BBQ and S'mores.
It was sooo cold Saturday when we set off our fireworks
with our neighbors.
We wore coats and bundled up with blankets.
It was a spectacular show.
Huge fireworks shooting up into the sky right over our heads.

Since Jacqui and Josh showed up on our couch 
after the fireworks and festivities that night,
we had to do it all again the next day.
Oh, yeah and because that was actually the 4th of July.
From about 3pm to Midnight
we were in a war zone.
The fireworks and explosions were constant.
When we walked outside around 9:30pm
it didn't matter which way we looked
there were fireworks bursting into the air from every direction.
Happy Independence Day!
mommy said...

awesome! looks like you had fun.