July 29, 2010


Kyler sewed himself a little pillow
for his Teddy Bear.

Eric's playing on a softball team with his work--
the High Fives.
Last night was the first time we were able to go see him play.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Especially the part where the boys were heckling E
with love.
Everytime he was up to bat or waiting in the dugout
they were shouting from the bleachers
"I love you, dad!"
"Don't get out, ok, dad?"
"Dad, why are you last?"
I think Eric especially loved it when
his oldest son was blowing him kisses
and then asked for a kiss through the fence.

We saw part of a gymnastics meet on tv.
There was a closeup of a girl's shoulders and head
as she prepared for her floor routinue.
Kyler said,  "Wow! I like her hair and the sparkles on her shirt.
She's soooo beautiful."
He quickly added, "Don't worry, she's not as beautiful as you, Mom."

Kacin was so proud that he was able to write the number forty:

July 25, 2010

Blankets and Chairs

Built a fort.
For hiding, playing, and candy parties.
Music is blaring.
"Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart."
Kyler sings along.
Oh dear.
Sweet sundays.

July 22, 2010

It's Been Started

I was trying to think of a good word
to describe how I'm feeling today,
but just a glimpse around my house would explain it.
I started laundrey.
I started pitting and freezing cherries.
I started making my bed.
I started cleaning the bathrooms.
I started putting girls camp gear away.
I started doing the dishes.
But I have not finished even one thing.
(except that bowl of oreo ice cream.)
They are literally all half done and scattered around my house.
This pattern has to be broken.
And so now I finish something.
The End.

July 16, 2010


Yesterday meant
26 years.
That number has always sounded
so old.
Maybe it still does.
26 happy moments from the day . . .
  1. instead of waking up to Eric listening to talk radio, awaking to a kiss from Eric and birthday wishes
  2. emerging from my room and finding the birthday fairy left me messages down the stairs
  3. after family scriptures, cuddling with my boys on the couch
  4. during cuddling, Kacin gave me 26 taps on my nose
  5. Kyler counted out 26 freckles on my arms
  6. Kyler sang me a song from the primary songbook: Mother Dear (currently, his favorite primary song!)
  7. Kacin sang me a song he made up as he went: something about a stinky family and toots
  8. checking things off of our celebration list: 26 Things To Do 26 Times, including 26 decorations on the wall, 26 different types (or colors) of candy, 26 songs to dance to, 26 pages read in a book, etc. It was the best list Stef and I have ever created
  9. going on a 26 min. bike ride through the neighborhood
  10. after Kacin, while riding his bike, crashed hard into the back of a parked van and walked away with 2 scraped knees, he asked, between tears, for 26 min. of cuddles when we got home
  11. Kyler excited and full of plans to make me a "princess" cake and throw me a "princess" party
  12. looking out the window at Eric watering the garden with two pink party hats as horns
  13. a pleasant afternoon at country village with friends playing at the park and going on a train ride
  14. Eric came home from work early
  15. lots of kind birthday wishes on facebook and text messages
  16. Stef got us pizza for dinner and swept the floor
  17. Eric on the slip-n-slide. Splash!
  18. Jenga stacked 26 high
  19. 26 spins of Twister
  20. 26 candles on the birthday cake, decorated solely by the boys
  21. the candy game. 26 cubes in the bucket. you land it in, you get candy, you don't, me the birthday girl gets candy.
  22. jumping on the trampoline together, 26 times, everyone laughing and happy
  23. lots of hugs, something like 26, including one big sandwich hug
  24. my mom sent me one of my grandma's dresses with my birthday present. A nice little mexican number. i wore it.
  25. phone calls from family and friends
  26. reading poetry together before tucking the boys into bed. making Eric read a love poem to me. ha ha.   
26 years.
Life is good.
With moments like these,
I couldn't be happier.

July 14, 2010

Berry Picking

It was a day in the fields and at the farm,
gathering strawberries,
watching pigs, goats, and sheep,
and playing in the hay maze.

July 11, 2010

Cute Boys

July 8, 2010

With J&J

While Jacqui and Josh were here . . .
Deception Pass . . .
The sisters amphitheater performance. . .
we can impromptu dance and sing,
can you?
Near the space needle . . .
Experience Music Project . . .
Huge, delicious peaches from Pike's Place Market . . .
The Troll under the bridge . . .