June 25, 2010

Such a Dad

I may be posting this a bit late,
but don't judge.
We just liked dragging this holiday out this year.
Eric was spoiled for a whole month before Father's day.
The boys and I couldn't decide on just one present for him
and we weren't patient enough to actually wait until Father's day
to give him our gifts,
so each week after Mother's day until Father's day he received a gift
and we sang him a song.
One week it was a card shuffler
to shuffle all of those Killer Bunnies cards,
then it was a grill, followed by a Killer Bunnies expansion pack,
finally we gave him a bird identifying book and the classic cool tie.
We love you so much E!
You are an amazing dad because
you garden with us (and include all of the neighbor boys, too)
you work very hard
you read to us
you play with us
you take us on many adventures.