June 20, 2010

From Dad to Me

My dad had a unique way of teaching me.
Humorous. Annoying, at times. Yet, effective.
He came from a family of 4 boys
and was blessed with 4 girls.
Maybe that explains it.
Or maybe it's just because he's an Allen.

In no particular order,
and with much fondness and love,
lessons from the daddy:

1. Plain toes. You can't drive with toe nail polish on. It's his car. So be prepared with nail polish remover if you want to drive somewhere. You know those toe rings you loved to wear? You thought they looked so cute when you ran around in your flip flops. They're really just for playing "fun" daddy-daughter games of getting wrestled to the floor, toe ring removal, and hide-and-seek the toe ring.

2. Just try it. Never be afraid to try something new. Whether it was figuring something out on our first computer or sailing or swimming in the lake or trying a new sport, he encouraged us no matter our fears or worries.

3. Save electricity. You leave the room, you turn the light off. If even for 30 seconds. Or you may come back and the light won't turn on at all. You think it's a little odd that all of the sudden, all of the light bulbs keep going out. Sometimes twice in one day in your bedroom. What kind of bulbs are your parents buying? Oh wait. Or could it be just your daddy unscrewing the lightbulbs everytime he finds one on. And so you learn your lesson.

4. Find out for yourself. Even if someone tells you its so, find out the truth for yourself. Question. Research. Things both secular and spiritual. Like, should I get baptized at 8? Pray about it for myself and listen to the Spirit. 

5. Modesty. Especially when you lean over, bend, or sit. If skin is revealed in the midrift area, on the back too, you will, I repeat, you will be sprayed, squirted or drenched with water. No matter who you are. Even if you are just a friend visiting.

6. Help and give freely. Be willing and ready. No matter how inconvenient. He was always the one to rescue me, or any of my friends, and sometimes even strangers. Never stingy with his money and resources. Offering anything to anyone who needed it.

7. Work hard. Long, long days at work. All for us.

Thanks, my dad,
for all of the things you taught
to me.
Barb said...

I am so glad you remember and reminded me of those things you were taught. I have seen you were a toe ring since you have grown up, maybe we should tell Eric about the game?

Stefanie Hyer said...

I am also very grateful for all he did and does! He was the best daddy!