June 6, 2010

Boy: A Noise With Mud On It

A Saturday of sunshine.
Absolutely lovely.
Let's go hiking!
We opened up the local hiker's guide that Eric printed off the internet,
25 hikes--most of which are within a 15 minute drive.
We picked our trail.
It seemed to be an easy 3 miles.
But we didn't take into account
all of the MUD.
Every ten feet.
We called it an adventure and manuevered our way along the trail,
trying to avoid the stinging nettle (oh wait, I didn't)
that was growing alongside our path.
After something like Kacin's 20th slip, trip, and fall
he gave up trying to avoid the mud
and just trudged straight on through.
We kept good spirits until about half way along.
Maybe he was tired of his bum and knees landing in the mud,
maybe he was hungry,
maybe his feet were getting sore,
but whatever it was
a little monster was awakened.
A screaming, meltdown monster.
I am sure the loudest that neck of the woods
had ever seen.
And it would not be tamed.
So we captured it.
And carried it home.
The only way we could get it into the car,
without covering the inside of the car in mud,
was re-naming it Captain Underpants,
stripping it down,
tying a cape around it's neck,
and then buckling it in.
Something about sitting in your underpants,
driving down the road with the window down
while your makeshift cape blows around you in the breeze
seemed to do the trick.
It was all smiles and laughs on the way home.

For the record,
the other small, male member of the car
deemed this last act
very inappropriate
Jenna Allen said...

Hahaha! I heart Kyler :)

(and Captain Underpants, himself, of course :))

Barb said...

priceless!!!!! Write a book Lolo!

Misty said...

Too funny. We miss sure miss you guys!

chelsea :: stock said...

it's my fault for giving them smarties. two, to be exact. they didn't even have to ask.

I can't believe you had a whole day after that. we pretty much just recovered the rest of the afternoon :)

Darcee said...

As I read this, Cache peered over my shoulder and said, "I sure liked the Allred's. They're pretty cool." Of course I agree. . . sure miss you guys!

Cheryl said...

This is absolutely the best post I've read in weeks! You are a storyteller to the nth degree. Thanks for telling your stories.

AnneMarie said...

I love it!! Your post made me laugh...and miss you guys too. Hope all the mud came out in the wash and bathtub--and that the monster doesn't return for awhile (although Capt. Underpants might show up more often than you think, even if his brother thinks it's "inappropriate")

Barb said...


mommy said...

you guys are brave!

Nate & Emily said...

Thats too funny! I love to catch up on your blog.. you guys have the most fun! We miss you guys living close.

Stefanie Hyer said...

haha that is hilarious