May 23, 2010

A Writer

Have I ever mentioned how much he loves to write?
Like his favorite game being "notebooks",
carrying his journal around the house,
making his friend go home and get a notebook
so they could each write in their own
instead of playing ninjas like Jack wanted to,
bringing his notebook to the park,
and his favorite thing to do in school?
Here are two of Kyler's writings produced just today:
#1-At church, during sacrament meeting
It reads (spelling modernized):
Do Things (title)
1. Make my bed
2.empty the dishwasher
3. prayers
4. fold the clothes
5. clean your room
6. smile
7. obey your parents
8. help your mom cook
9. do something without getting asked
10. help somebody

The picture at the bottom he describes as 3 clouds. The top is for all "good" people, the middle for "almost" good, and the bottom for "all" bad people. He says he's at the top.

#2-At home, while Eric and I played Killer Bunnies
(for the 6th time this week because I had been undefeated
and E couldn't handle that)
It reads (spelling modernized):
My parents are playing my daddy's favorite game. My dad is winning. My mom is feeling ashamed that my dad is winning. Usually my mom wins. Before that we gave dad a card shuffler.

And I'd like to announce that he's downstairs working on his first chapter book right now!
Megan said...

You are an amazing mother! I am just in awe of Kyler and those things he wrote at church! Way to go. Those are 2 of the luckiest boys!

Barb said...

He is following a great example!! Save them, I want to read them when I visit. Well, save some anyway. . .

Jenna Allen said...

Heehee, that's great... :)

mommy said...

how cute!

Cheryl said...

I'm not sure which part of this blog I like best. Daniel has had a sketch pad/notebook attached to his hand 24/7 since he was little. Sometimes I love what he writes and draws and sometimes it just annoys me, but it has made him a prolific artist and author. I can see the same trend with Kyler. But then you threw in the repeated Killer Bunnies games. That just made me smile! keep up the good work!