May 27, 2010


A few days ago,
Kyler came to me with a problem.
He said,
"Mom, it's so boring,
everyone always wants to sit by me at school.
They all like me and want to sit next to me.
And I'm bored of it."
(I think he means annoyed or bothered)

Sometimes he makes comments like,
"Everyone likes us so much! They always wave to us."
"I am the best soccer player."
"So many people love me!"

And it didn't even phase him when
he asked two diiferent boys at school,
on two different occasions,
if they'd like to come over and play with him,
and they both told him "No."
When he told me what they said,
he just looked at me
and assured me they didn't actually mean what they said.

Part of me is happy that he knows who he is and he's satisfied, no matter what, part of me worries about his social skills, and part of me just wishes that some of that self-confidence would rub off onto me.