April 8, 2010

Ulna and Radius

No smiles for the camera.

Tuesday afternoon.
Left arm.
Two bones.
In Kacin's words,
"I stuck my head down the ladder on Kyler's bunk bed then I bammed down and twisted my arm."
At the time, we also had three neighbor kids over.
They were playing house.
Kacin was the baby.
The baby who climbs on the top bunk and hangs over the edge until he falls.
I think I frightened the poor children to death after I heard Kacin's scream and saw his arm looking like silly putty bent in an unnatural position and commanded them all to get their shoes on and go home.
There is a reason I am not a nurse, a Dr., a firefighter or anyone else who needs to stay calm in unexpected situations.
It was a horrible thing.
It was even more horrible
 when the first clinic I carried the screaming child into
didn't take his insurance.
It became even more horrible 30 min. later 
when we got him into a different hospital
and they didn't get the IV in the right place the first time.
And even more horrible when they tell me he will be "sleeping"
as they set his arm,
though he might moan and groan a little, they say.
But he doesn't.
He screams and cries and flails and yells for me, his mama, A LOT.
It was heart breaking.
After seeing my little boy hurting so much and feeling so helpless,
yet knowing it had to be done, for his good,
I will never be the same girl.
I don't think I realized before just how deeply I love that boy.
I am so happy and grateful to be his mother,
and it hurt so much to see him hurting.
Kacin's not sleeping well and doesn't have much of an appetite,
except for jelly beans,
but he's hanging in there and doing pretty well.
He is such a tough kid.
We go to see the Dr. tomorrow.
They told us they might have to set his arm again (we're praying not!),
but he should just be getting his cast on.
Kacin was so worried that breaking his arm meant
he couldn't play the Wii anymore.
But worry no more,
he has figured it out.
Barb said...

Again, I am SO proud of both of you!! LOve you!

nancy said...

I love that boy too! He has great parents to take care of him.

nancy said...

I love that boy too! He has great parents to take care of him.

Darcee said...

Poor Kacin. Poor Mom. If it makes you feel any better I've never been able to be composed during crises such as this. My last such moment I had teenagers to tease me about my level of panic--that tells you how bad I still am! Wish I could tell you it gets better or easier. . . .

Here's to fast and perfect healing!

Cheryl said...

You're awesome! You made it!! I'm really lousy in those situations, but so are a lot of other people. Even my niece the nurse has her weaknesses.

We've never had a broken bone around here, but at our last emergency room visit for a terrible cut, they used dissolvable stitches because "they didn't want us to come back to the ER again." We made a bit of a scene!

Keep loving that little boy; he needs you! And give him a hug for us!

AnneMarie said...

Oh, poor Kacin. And poor Laura! I'm so sorry to hear about his arm, and all the experiences following. I'm not composed during stuff like that either--you aren't alone! It's so, so hard as the mom to see your kids go through stuff that hurts them. Hang in there!

(Jelly beans are perfectly acceptable food in this situation)

Beckstrand7 said...

That mother-hurt runs deep - I can feel it as you describe it. You really do find yourself a bit surprised with how deeply you feel that pain AND LOVE as your little one cries out and you can't stop it for them! I know all will be well, somehow, but hope he doesn't need to go through too much more to get well. Take care you guys! Now to go hug mine again...

Stefanie Hyer said...

Oh Poor Kacin and Poor you as his mommy! I kinda know the feeling... with watching your child in pain... Bryce falling off of stuff to hit his head. And feeling helpless as Bryce had surgery and wasn't allowed to eat for a LONG time! I love you guys! Hope you feel better!

Lisa said...

bless his heart. I'm so sorry to hear that. OUCH!! I hope all goes well and that his little arm heals!

I love reading your blog btw

Pattie said...

Give that little man some serious hugs from us. So proud that you both made it through and the healing can begin.