April 13, 2010

To Canada and Back

To Canada meant
getting a blue cast on and then spending a few hours in the car.
To Canada meant
 we got to attend the British Columbia Temple open house.
To Canada meant
 a morning at the Aquarium and an afternoon exploring Stanley Park.
Back home meant
a few more hours in the car,
but this time laughing as Indian Chief Eric told stories, in his own "Indian" accent and of his own creation, of the adventures of Nooksack River and how the first raft came to be.
AnneMarie said...

I loved that aquarium and park! Looks like you had a good time (despite the cast).

Barb said...

It looks like lots of fun, count me in! Um, will Chief Eric tell me stories too? I love his "voices".

Jenna Allen said...

I love Kyler's modeling pic...
Ahem, I mean, that looks so fun!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe gotta love it, eh?

nancy said...

I want to hear some stories too. Sounds like one of the best parts of the trip.