April 26, 2010

A Few Days

Well, let's see.
There was Family Fitness Night at Kyler's school.

Eric drove to Oregon for the Suns vs. Blazers game.
And had sweaty palms during the whole process of bidding for tickets on ebay.
And was deeply disappointed when the Suns lost.

I took the boys to see the play, Beauty and the Beast.

Then, this was our Sunday entertainment.

Kacin and Food

The Royal Bald

AnneMarie said...

I love "the royal bald"--hilarious!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe how cute! What such great home videos! It reminds me of our home videos!

Barb said...

Love the messy face! And royal Bald will be told far and wide for a long time, thank you for the videos!

Jenna Allen said...

Ah hahahaha! I miss you guys! I wanna attend a royal bald... :)

Holly Janeen said...

i was spring cleaning this week and found a whole bunch of childhood tapes... i loved finding them and enjoyed sharing them with Jeff.

your kids are going to be so grateful to have these memories recorded... and they will provide great laughs in the future! good job, Laura. you are such a great mom :)