March 18, 2010


What possesses a grown man to throw a blanket over his head
run around a room with arms outstretched
while raspberries are being blown in his general direction?
Stinker: the game.
A game made up by my dad.
Basically, like Marco Polo,
only instead of shouting "Marco"
the person under the blanket yells, "Stinker".
Everyone must then put their own tongue and lips together
in such a way
as to blow a raspberry.
If you get caught,
you're the next crazy under the blanket.
Yes, that is Peter Pan who played with us.
Cheryl said...

I really can't believe I've known you as long as I have and this has never come up! It sounds like fun. And any game that Peter Pan joins in must be good!

Barb said...

Maybe we need to box this game up and sell it. . . I can't believe the Allreds didn't share this game with Utah?!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Oh I LOVE that game! I am so glad that you are sharing that and passing it down through your next generation!

Jenna Allen said...

Agreed with Stefy -- Love it, and glad/funny you passed it down... :)