March 20, 2010

The Last Time I Post About Teeth (Probably)

Due to certain birthparents not caring for their child's teeth,
we are in for a lifetime of decay and dentist appointments.
When he came to us, he had 10 healthy teeth.
That poor little mouth.
One of his silver teeth just got even more infected.
So out it came.
He gets a spacer in its place next week.
And then his second front tooth fell out this evening!
He's so excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight.
He says he'll get more money than anybody.
Apparently, the tooth fairy pays more for silver teeth.
He'll be rich.
And now I will try to stop posting each time my children lose a tooth.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. Is it true? Do you really get more from the Toothfairy with a silver tooth??? That is awesome! Tell Kacin congrats! AND I LOVE to hear when they lose teeth and EVERYTHING that is going on with you guys! I miss you and want to be apart of your life!!!

Jenna Allen said...

Excellently cute.
I like hearing everything as well. I've been so glad you've been posting so much lately. :)
So... is his other tooth growing in under the silver tooth? Will it be replaced by another silver at the dentist?