March 17, 2010

A Kacin is a Kacin

It is becoming more and more apparant
to Eric and I
that there is not a "one size fit all" in anything when it comes to children.
We teach and encourage Kyler (well, as I've said before, he pretty much does this on his own) that after he's done playing Legos and Star Wars and reading and writing in his many notebooks he needs to clean up after himself and keep things tidy.
With Kacin,
I'm taking a different approach.
"Kacin, Please make a mess! And I'll clean it up."
The kid won't play.
His rationale?
Its the same reason he'll often opt to sleep on top of his bedspread instead of snuggled underneath.
He doesn't want to make the bed in the morning
and he doesn't want to clean up.
So I struck a deal.
If he uses his imagination and plays with his cars, animals, blocks, stuffed animals, legos, anything!
I will help clean it up.
We're making progress.

Yesterday, we took him to his new opthamologist.
The Dr.'s last words to us about how to help his eyes improve?
"He needs to spend less time outside and more time watching TV and reading books."
Things that force his eyes to work harder.
Some children, you drag them away from the television,
I guess now we'll be forcing our little guy to watch more.
But I say he still gets lots of time to play outside!
Barb said...

How incredibly funny and ironic! More TV?! Ha Ha Ha!
Kacin has a very common sense approach to things, and you know, I have seen him in person, just because he is not using tangible toys does not mean he is not playing or creating. He creates a lot with just his imagination. Like one little miss Laura used to, all she needed was a wall and her voice to teach all day!

Lisa said...

That is quite the personality! too cute!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. That is very funny.

Beckstrand7 said...

LOL! Love it...the title of this post says it all. Who'd have thunk that? Enjoy the little guys, both of them!

Jenna Allen said...

Haha, I love my nephews... :)