March 12, 2010

Art Day

It being a cold and rainy/hail day off of school today,
we declared ART DAY.
A day of expression, messiness, and creativity.
And a day to watch Bob Ross clips off of youtube.
Kyler and I are both enthralled by that man with the fro
who makes happy little clouds and trees and mountains appear.
Kacin whined about watching more clips.
But between good ol' Bob
and the books we read about color, shape, and artists
we were sufficiently inspired
to create a magnificent art gallery by the end of the day.
We worked with watercolor, stamps, acrylic on canvas, and wood. 
Kacin's canvas: "Waterfall of Colors"
Kyler's canvas: "The Planets"
Kyler's wood scuplture: "The Fairy House"

One of my project's is now hanging on the wall, too.
nancy said...

I think you all did a terrific job with your art work!

Darcee said...

FUN! Love the whole day of art projects and creativity! What fun for the boys. And yours turned out wonderfully too! Love the concept of how you did your words across the four canvases! (You're ahead of me at getting yours hung though. . .but I'm getting close!)

Pattie said...

Where do you get your energy? It looks like you all had a super-fun day, despite the yucky weather.

Suzanne said...

I loved watching Bob Ross as a kid when I was home sick from school! I will have to look him up.

Do you really just happen to have canvases lying around? I love how yours turned out!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe how cute! Love all of your artwork! Kyler and Kacin make similar painting faces!