March 20, 2010

#7 and #8

The first indoor soccer game was today!
Kyler wanted me to write that he is very disappointed
that they don't lay grass down in the gym for them
and that the other team got 7 points today and they got 0.
See how mad he is.
He threw a nice little fit about it as he played goalie today.
They actually teach them to play offense and defense here.
I like this.
They are learning to pass the ball to eachother and work as a team instead of one or two dominating the game and the whole group of them running in a cluster around the ball.
And I think they are learning how to play goalie on one foot.
So we're cheering on the blue team,
especially #7 and #8.

Barb said...

They are both number one in my book!!

I was at their fist game here. . . : (

Stefanie Hyer said...

Yay! Go Team! Tell Kyler that I also wish they put grass down for them in the Gym! Hey, maybe if he put it down beforehand then cleaned it all up then they would let him! =) Just an idea!

Jenna Allen said...

Cute cute cute