February 6, 2010

Forest Park

The sun was shining all afternoon.
The glorious sun!
It even got to the point where I desperately searched around in my car
 to find my sunglasses which had disappeared from lack of use.
As we walked out of the grocery store today,
 I told Eric the sun is much brighter here in Washington than it ever was in Arizona.
He just said it's only because we aren't used to seeing the sun anymore.

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and spent an afternoon running through the forest and playing at the park (the park surrounded by forest).
If I can't have Thanksgiving Point Gardens nearby,
then I will happily take Forest Park
 (though that name is just not fitting, much too plain. hmmm . . .)
Here we are:
AnneMarie said...

Suh-weet!! Gotta love the sun when you get it!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Wow. I bet you guys feel so small with all of those tall trees!

nancy said...

Love Kacin's Carhartt sweatshirt!

mommy said...

Nice. And I also like the fact that you are wearing SWEATERS, not winter coats. Some people get all the luck.