February 23, 2010

Cleaning Up

About an hour before some friends came over
for a game of Ticket to Ride on Saturday night,
Eric left with Kacin to buy some beverages.
Kyler man opted to stay behind and help me clean.
That crazy cleaner.
As I worked on putting my Cricut and papers away,
 he asked to wipe the kitchen table, put the toys away, and vacuum.
Of course, clean whatever you'd like to, dear child!
He proceeded to point out the books and shoes
that he insisted Eric and I needed to put away.
My goodness what messy parents he has.
I love that my son is so willing to help out and is so good at it.
He notices when something is out of place.
I hope someday he'll rub off on other members of the family.
As part of our morning routinue, the boys check their House Help charts.
They understand this job is their responsibility
 before they head off to school.
They rotate through 4 lists of jobs. One job each day (minus Sunday).
Much of the time, the job requires me to be alongside them,
guiding and spraying the cleaning stuff
(this is how you scrub the bathtub, sweep the floor),
and sometimes they do a beautiful job on their own
(emptying the dishwasher, folding the laundrey).
My mom thinks I'm really good at getting out of cleaning the bathrooms.
I think I'm just smart (to mostly get out of cleaning the bathrooms).
And my boys are learning hard work and the joy of a clean home
(and how fun it is to clean mirrors with your mom).
Besides, why in the world would I tell the child "
No, you can not scrub the toilets!" when he asks?!
Jacqui said...

:-( Did I hear you were going to... play ticket to ride???? Without me!!!!

Lisa said...

wow!! impressive and very cute

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe good job! Cute job list idea!

nancy said...

I love the charts they use! What a fun way to keep track of chores.