February 4, 2010

Are You Smarter Than a 6-Year Old?

How about a 5 year-old?
Let's play a game.
Because if you know our family we play A LOT of games--which sometimes might shock our friends when they see our game closet or frighten them when we make them play hide-and-seek in the dark and stick their feet in a circle and recite "My dog died last night, what color was his blood?" to decide who has to be IT first. (um, Dear Stock's, I apologize for the scariness. Love, Laura).

My game today: Read the question and decide if the answer the boy gives is correct or not. You can agree or disagree with his answer. If you correctly do so, give yourself a point. If you disagree and say the correct answer of your own accord, give yorself another point.
Clear as mud?
Let's play. 

1. What's our family theme this year?
Kacin: Love should be our walk and our talk

2. What does daddy do at work?
Kacin: Just play on his computer. He works for Flutey head.
Kyler: He doesn't fight like Anakin. He works at the computer and plays a kid's game and matches up numbers.

3. What was Kacin's Monday night FHE lesson on?
Kyler: Love yourself.

4. When is your bedtime?
Kyler: 1:00 in the night

5. How long do you sleep at night?
Kyler: 5 hours
Kacin: 80 hours

6. What did we have for dinner last night?
Kacin: lasagna and carrots and celery and broccoli

7. What do mom and dad do after you go to sleep?
Kyler: watch movies, like Harry Potter
Kacin: play games, take pictures

8. What do we do every day after lunch?
Kyler: do my homework, take a nap, then play whatever we want

9. What's the "happiest place on earth"?
Kacin: This town that we're in.
Kyler: Dairy Queen

10. What was dad so excited to buy from costco?
Kyler: a tv

11. What was mom so excited to buy from costco?
Kyler: a tv

12. What does mom do while you are at school?
Kacin: work, go to the bank and get cheesesticks

13. What is mom's favorite holiday?
Kacin: Christmas

14. Why does it rain so much in Washington?
Kyler: it's so cold
Kacin: The plants here need the water so Jesus sends it.

15. What kind of car do we drive?
Kyler: Toyota highlander

16. What kind of car does Aunt Jacqui drive?
Kacin: a silver car

17. What are mom and dad's new callings at church?
Kyler: Mom is the bumblebee teacher.
Kacin: Dad is teaching in the class next to me. (primary)

18. Who is the US President?
Kyler: Rock-a-Bama. He smokes.

1. Agree
2. Agree, sort of. Like Kyler mentioned, I don't think that he whips out his light saber on a daily basis, I do think he solves a lot of problems, counts a bunch of parts, works a lot at the computer and with numbers, and comes home really tired.
3. Agree. 
4. Nice try Kyler. Though he claims he never falls asleep until really late at night, he is slumbering soundly by 8 (or 7:30 or 7, depending on his and mommy's mood).
5. Disagree. Somewhere in between. How about 10-12 hours.
6. Agree.
7. Agree. And clean up and read, too.
8. Partially Disagree. Kyler never naps. Nor Kacin anymore. They read.
9. Though, of course you think Disneyland, I can't write disagree because their answers are fitting. I love that Kacin didn't even heistate. He is so happy here. And of course ice cream man Kyler didn't hesitate either.
10. Agree.
11. Strongly Disagree. I was more excited about the apples and the pistachios we bought.
12. Agree, I guess. It really depends on the day and since I have done that before, ok. but I am also frequently volunteering in the boys classrooms, exercising, and just getting random things done that need to be done.
13. Disagree! I love Valentine's Day the best. In 10 days, Kacin will learn this . . .
14. How can you disagree with Kacin's answer? The real answer has something to do with mountains and the ocean and the wind blowing or something like that. Don't quote me.
15. Agree.
16. Agree. Funny that he points the same car out on the road all the time. Too bad I don't know the name either.
17. I am now a Beehive Advisor (12-13 year old girls) and Eric is a youth sunday school teacher.
18. Agree.

See, aren't games so much fun?
Thanks for playing!
chelsea :: stock said...

dear allred's

it wasn't scary, just funny.

okay, so I am kind of afraid of the dark, especially when little boys jump out and say "boo" and I scream like a little girl.

and next time I am using chartreuse so you better learn how to spell it :)

museum today was fun. air and flight museum in march?


Barb said...

Oh, Laura, This makes me happy and sad! It is so cute, and I am glad that you all are having fun there, but I wish it was the Allens playing with you. (Sorry Stocks!) Think what Kacin's answer really meant - The happiest place in the world is where his family is together. Ah, my Buddies are so sweet. . .

Darcee said...

Fun things! And you're a good mommy!

mommy said...

So cute. I love it. And I miss you and your fun games. I need to be more like you so that my kids can have a fun childhood.

I thought of Adalyn's question to me today when I read Kacin's idea of how long they sleep: "Mom, is dad almost 30? No wait, is he almost 90?"

nancy said...

I love playing your game. Tel the boys I love them.