January 20, 2010

Wii Are Writing

About a year and a half ago, wii used to play office or school nearly everyday.
The boys would pull out their notebooks, pens, and hoards of paper
and wii would play and wii would "write".
Now wii don't play that as much. Wii have changed our game a bit.
The games wii play are usually Star Wars or ambulance/robber.
Apparently, wii play something else as well.
Kyler wrote a story at school today.
His teacher and I chuckled at his spelling.
It read "Wii went to Fed Miyr. Then wii went to are frends."
Yes, we play the Wii, too.
By the way, at the start of Kindergarten I know he knew how to read and spell "we".
Jenna Allen said...

Ha ha ha... Cute.
Or maybe scary.

mommy said...

How funny. I love it.

mommy said...
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