January 6, 2010

The Secret Garden

Two notable things happened tonight
 as I watched The Secret Garden with my boys.

1. Kacin watched the ENTIRE movie. This is a first. No falling asleep. No playing with toys. No running around. No asking when it would be over. He just watched (and asked a lot of questions).

2. (I know someday they'll be mad at me for this) They both got tears in their eyes. One boy cried at the sight of the beautiful garden. One took off his glasses and wiped his eyes when Collin walked into his dad's arms. One boy asked for the sequel and wanted to know why they haven't made other movies about them. We concluded by making plans for our backyard--we each get a spot of earth--and deciding we should read the book when we finish the other chapter books we've started.

Who knew The Secret Garden would be
 so inspiring for my rough-and-tumble little boys?
AnneMarie said...

I think all boys, no matter how rough-and-tumble they are, have tender spots that show up every once in a while. So sweet for you to share it with them.

Jenna Allen said...

Aww. That is truly so sweet. :)

Barb said...

With my girls it was "The Sound of Music", and it was a bit younger, to be expected, I guess.