January 30, 2010

Living Apart

I got to thinking and did a little math.
Out of the 6 years and 3 months that we have been married,
Eric and I have lived in seperate states for approximately 8 of those months.
For the most part, we were lucky enough to see each other on the weekends
(and have free mobile-to-mobile, thank goodness),
but holy, moly that's a lot.
10.6% of our marriage spent living apart.
He doesn't even have a "typical" traveling job.
He's a buyer for a manufacturing company for goodness sakes!

However, I will take what I'm given,
complain a little,
and then think about what I learned from all of this time apart.

1. My deepest respect and empathy goes to all single mothers, widows, wives of men in the airforce (go Stefanie!), etc.
2. We are stronger than we think we are.
3. Cell phones are a blessed invention.
4. I shouldn't take having the greatest husband for granted so much. Appreciate and love him a little more.
5. It's time to cash in on those frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards (together).

Glad that tonight you will be home and living with us again, E!

Our welcome home gift to you:
A week long project--
11 completed puzzles adorning the table (the big one's on the floor).
Darcee said...

When I was single I promised myself that if I ever got married I would never take my husband for granted. . .yet ashamedly it happens. I think it is constant work in whatever situation we are in to always be grateful. Thanks for the reminder.

Jacqui said...

I figured it out and 6% of my married life has been living with Eric as well...

Barb said...

Wait, 75% of my married life I have lived with Laura. . . I think Eric has spent 5% of his married life living with me, and Laura has spent 10% of her married life living with me without Eric, and Jacqui has. . . Aughhh!
Kidding aside, it is hard in all areas to be apart as a married couple. It can make your marriage closer, or the opposite. Yeah for the Allreds!

Barb said...

Laura called me the last time Eric was here in Mesa just to ask me how "cute Eric was?" gush,gush