December 11, 2009

Reminiscing . . .

Here we are.
Some of my childhood/highschool/neighborhood/ward friends:
Lisa (and baby!), Jenny (me sister), Linnelle, Me, and Trisha.
Not pictured: Heather, Alyssa, Jill

We had a girls night.
And made my mom take a million and a half pictures.
Photogenic we are not,
but good friends we are.

I love that even though we don't get to see each other so often, when we do meet up, it's still so comfortable.
I think that's because there was a time when we were practically inseperable.  Between church, school, and just hanging out we spent most of our time together. We have so many fun memories . . .

When I see them, I can't help but reminsce a little about the good times with each girl. . .

Lisa: my partner in crime when I got "grounded" at church girls camp, driving around in Dixon the car
Jenny: playing monopoly until all hours of the night--and cheating a little, entertaining stories about Princess Bob and, in a funny french accent, the day I was attacked by a poodle 
Linnelle: dressing up as a two-headed monster for Halloween, being attacked by Alyssa's birds and breaking the closet door
Trisha: driving in her white car, "Banilla" frozen yogurt where she worked
Heather: singing and dancing--perfecting the "bum" dance, talking boys, the importance of avoiding ducks while driving
Alyssa: Murrrrrrr and Falfie
Jill: riding matching bikes around the neighborhood, walking home from school

These days, our lives are very different--we're moving, raising families, going to school, working, getting married. I'm glad every once in awhile we can still find the time to get together and catch up on life.
You can't beat that.
Holly Janeen said...

and very good friends you pick, my dear! i love these ladies.
are you going to be home for xmas? cuz... I AM! let me know if you wanna meet up or somethin...