December 18, 2009

Recent Adventures

Adventure #1: My dad cooked breakfast.
French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage.
It was impressive.
Much better than that time he went all gourmet
and cooked the eggs in a pan of bacon grease and sunflower seeds.

Adventure #2: Grandma and Grandpa Allen moved in with my parents.
I love having them around more,
listening to stories and watching grandma tease and love on her great-grandkids.

Adventure #3: The wheelchair

Adventure #4: Christmas houses and songs.
We went to grandma Mary's and built some yummy little graham cracker houses.
Then we were each given sticky note tickets for a Christmas concert performed by all the cute kids.

Adventure #5: Kacin's Pre-K performance.
He sang, shared a special treat he made, and gave us the cutest Kacin ornament ever.

Adventure #6: Kyler's Kindergarten Christmas Celebration
Kyler has LOVED being in Mrs. Rudolph's class (and is soo sad to be leaving)
and what better way to celebrate than a Rudolph party with reindeer cookies, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, and a reindeer craft.
Cheryl said...

I'm so happy you guys have had this Christmas to spend with your family so you could have all of these awesome, memorable moments. You and the kids look so happy. We have a wheelchair in our garage. It gets played in a lot. And I may have to steal that idea for reindeer sandwiches!

AnneMarie said...

What fun adventures!

mommy said...

Wow, the "gourmet" breakfast sounds...interesting...

You guys always have fun. I need to move back in with you.