November 16, 2009

What I Know . . .

*Kacin loves his "cell phone" and "Ipod" (altoids tin and lanyard). Probably the favorite toys right now.

*Hiking in the Superstition Mountains is beautiful!

*Eric's spreadsheet of houses to rent was amazingly organized and helpful as we spent 3 days searching for a place to live.

*The sun does occasionally shine in Seattle.

*The Space Needle is tall. Talk about amazing views!

*Fish and Chips are good, but very greasy.

*We are really good at self-pictures, everywhere we go.

*Free hot chocolate to warm your hands as you walk the chilly streets is a must. And Eric should've been a hot chocolate model.

*Or maybe we both should've been rockstars.

*Eric's got a girlfriend. Her name is Hazel. Hazelnut. Hazelnut Garmin. He likes her voice, even though she's really just leading him on! (get it? haha.)

*Eric gets happy about fish and other animals. I am happy they were mostly on the other side of the glass and I only had to touch one starfish. I jumped back immediately.

Seeing Washington was helpful for me. I feel better about the move. Maybe even a little excited . . .we have a couple of good options for houses and I'm looking forward to moving there soon!
Darcee said...

I have a picture of Tom in those same tentacles! Seattle is very fun! Hope you find a great place to settle.

Kacin's toys remind me of Caleb when he was small. He could make a toy out of anything!

Barb said...

What I know is that the Allreds are Amazing, Smart, Creative, and Beautiful!!

Cheryl said...

It looks like that was a fun getaway for you both even if you had to work for a house at the same time! And, you know I love Kacin's toys. Daniel still plays with such things! Imaginations are awesome!

Lynnae said...

So happy you feel better about it. JJ is leaving December 1st for Seattle. It's kind of nice to know that there will be family somewhat close. I really hope you enjoy it and Thank you so much for coming out for his open house.