November 16, 2009


My conversation with a 3 year-old boy at Kacin's preschool:

B: Do you know my imaginary girlfriend's name?
Me: No, what is it?
B: Her name is Kelsie.
Me: So what do you and Kelsie do together?
B: I just do whatever she tells me to . . . (smart boy!)
B: Last week, I was at her house and she tried to kiss me and I was like, Oh No, That's too much!!!! (puts hands up to show how he blocked his face).

At home, we turned on Little Mermaid for the first time and all of the mermaids (sea shells and belly buttons) appeared on the screen . . .

Kacin: This is NOT appropriate. Satan must have made this movie!! 
Alisha said...

Very funny! I love the things kids say:)