November 7, 2009


Lots to celebrate today . . .

6 wonderful, adventurous years!

Eric is so romantic and planned an evening out.
We ate at Nielson's and saw The Phantom of the Opera.

No, I am not eating the ring box, just making a funny face while down on my knees offering Eric a new wedding band to wear since his ring size has changed a bit during 6 years of marriage.

My dad is 54!

And he's one cool dad and grandpa.

Grandpa Allen is 90!

mommy said...

Cute pictures - happy anniversary!

Barb said...

It was an memorable week wasn't it?
How romantic of you to get E another ring, and present it to him!

Stefanie Hyer said...

hey, i yhought eric didnt wear a wedding ring?

Kelly Merrell said...

Cute! We really need to see you guys before you take off!

Holly Janeen said...

aw... you are in LOVE! yay :)