October 30, 2009

The Thief

If you go on a date to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, you'll probably need a babysitter.

If your babysitter is a cute 11 year-old and her 13-year old sister, the younger sister might get a little tired.

And if she gets tired, she just might snooze on your couch.

When you come home, she'll probably jolt upright, a little confused.

If you chat with the older sister about how the evening went, the 11-year old might start wandering around.

She'll probably find a Michaels bag filled with your crafting stuff on top of your cricut. Then she'll study your cricut cartridge box.

You'll probably think, "Wow, she must be a real crafty 11 year-old to be interested in a cricut cartridge, and a real curious one to go through my stuff."

When she slings the Michaels bag over her arm like a purse and hugs the cricut cartridge box like she's carrying a library book home, you'll probably start to worry.

You may look at her again, then look at her sister, who stares at her. Your eyes might go back and forth analyzing the situation.

When she starts to walk toward the door with all of your stuff in her arms you will probably wonder "Do I cry Thief and yank my stuff back or just let her take my stuff home . . ."

When you realize she might still be half asleep, you'll try a more subtle approach. As you gently take the items from her hands you'll say "I don't think you'll need to take these. We can just leave them right here."

Most likely she'll give her head a little shake, look dazed, and let you place your stuff back where it belongs.

You will definitely burst out laughing as you walk out the door to take her home.
Barb said...

I can really relate!! When I was about that age I would wake up sitting in the kitchen chair tying my shoes, or be in the shower, or . . . apparently I was a good conversationalist while sleeping also. Poor girl, she is SO going to be razed by her sister!!

Cheryl said...

To quote the aforementioned Joseph, "Who's the thief? Who's the thief?? Who's the thief? Who's the thief??" Thanks for the laugh.

Stefanie Hyer said...