October 1, 2009


LeeLee's Market is Eric's favorite store.
Mostly because they sell Brazilian food.

We took the boys on a field trip there so they could see a variety of asian fruits and vegetables (many of which I didn't even recognize--thank goodness for labels above the produce so I could at least sound smart to the boys when I would tell them what everything was), the live seafood swimming along oblivious to the fact that they will soon be someone's dinner, the whole roasted duck, the pig snouts and chicken hearts, the avacado ice cream, and much more!
We got our farofa and Guarana and then
we let each of the boys choose a treat, but it had to be something they've never had before.

Kyler chose a Korean milk candy with a rice paper covering that let out a nasty smell when you chewed it. I personally didn't try one. The smell was bad enough. Kyler and Eric liked them though!
Kacin did not (here is his half chewed candy that he spit out).

Kacin chose a Japanese strawberry flavored hard candy. Two thumbs up for that one.

We love LeeLee's!
Jenna said...

Cute! I went to one of those asian markets on a date once. We ended up getting some really strange-o pastry looking things that turned out to be savory... Blech! :)
BUT... it was a fun adventure... :)

Megan said...

We love LeeLee's too! James worked in CA for a month last year and came home with this strange sushi obsession. So we found this store and had a big sushi night with my family. (Gotta say I'm not a fan of sushi) But we loved LeeLee's.

Whitings said...

Devon and I miss LeeLee's so much!

Kelly Merrell said...

Awesome! I love LeeLees too!!! P.S. I totally tried Avacado ice cream in the Phillipines!