October 22, 2009

The Lecture

After Kyler was caught licking the side of the Macayo's taco sauce bottle, the head of the house gathered us around and declared
"This is now a germ free environment!"
Two sets of big eyes stared up at their daddy.
I'm sure they were thinking, "What is he talking about?"
Eric continued.
He stressed the importance of washing your hands, not putting your mouth all over things, not kissing Grandpa's feet even when he asks you to, "tissues are our friends", wash your hands!
It was the lecture of all lectures.
Understandable, since we are all now down with the flu and Eric's has developed into pneumonia. 
Yes, daddy. We will strive to be germ free.

one minute later . . .
The little one is seen licking the snot dripping from his nose.

Germ free environment?
Well, a work in progress.
mommy said...

Oh Laura, I'm sorry you are all sick!! Sad!! Tell Eric he's not the only paranoid one.

Barb said...

Good for Eric!!! Did Eric feel like eating out, was the chili that bad?!

Cheryl said...

I so wish you lived nearby so I could make some chicken noodle soup or something! I'm really sorry about the germ fest. I wish I could tell you it gets better as they get older, but......

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. I hope you all feel better soon! Yes, I have now also realized the importance of washing your hands and being carefull what you touch before touching food or your face or mouth, or someone else's, especially our baby! Love you guys!