September 28, 2009

Soccer Season

It's that time again . . .
But with a brand new player this year!
Go Kacin!
This little guy plays hard.

Taking a rest with Grandpa . . .

There has already been a bit of sibling rivalry with being on the same team, but they are learning to work together and support each other (and hopefully soon stop grabbing each other by the shirt and yelling that the other never shares the ball).

Kyler stats: Season #3, 2nd game in, scored 9 goals so far and 1 assist.
We all think the assist is pretty awesome and hope that there are more of those to come.

Watching the game on a blazing hot morning . . .

Barb said...

They are awesome players, of course the best there ever was!
Thank you for finally inviting us. . . : )