September 13, 2009

The Family

I think the best part of being home in Arizona has been being around our family again. I didn't realize how much we were missing while we were living in Utah. Though, I wouldn't trade my Utah moments for anything--the people that we met and the experiences that we had changed my life for the better--but there is nothing like hanging with your family.

The day after Bryce was born Kacin went around singing something like this, "I have my first cousin, he is my cousin, his name is Bryce, he is my first cousin"

Kyler loves his little baby cousin and giving him kisses on his forehead.
Uncle Eric
Labor Day breakfast at my parents house . . . my sweet Grandma and Grandpa Allen joined us!
Grandma Allen and Ky
What's a family get together without some funny faces from Jenny?
Stef, Tyson, Bryce, Kacin and Me
Biweekly Allen Family Home Evening is well underway

The one and only, Fatman! The head of the Allen family.Wouldn't you want to play with Tyson, too?

We are glad that we are closer to the Allred side of the family, too and we hope that this is the weekend that we make it up to visit!

Holly Janeen said...

best video ever. sooo funny!

Jenna said...

Ah, ha ha! Yes, love the videos. And yes, my face-making beauty was INDEED in rare form those nights... ;)(Hahaha:))

Barb said...

You've got some pretty special pictures! We LOVE having you all here, too.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. That is so funny and awesome that you guys got that on video... the best and funniest hit of the boys too! I am so glad that you guys are here! And in just 2 weeks, you will be even closer to me! =)