August 20, 2009

Memories Recorded

My sister, Jacqui, gave me my birthday present yesterday.
It was a book of my first few blogs--all of 2008!
What an awesome gift! Especially since this was the reason I began blogging in the first place, to have a scrapbook of sorts (without the actual scrapbooking part) of all of the mundane and not-so-mundane adventures and moments of our lives.

I read it to the boys last night as our bedtime story. By far, there was more laughing out loud than you can imagine. (I need to get a recording of Kyler's laugh, so contagious). When I got to the part about Kyler talking about boogers at the court adoption, Kyler could not stop laughing. He exclaimed, "I was only 4 and that's why I said that." I guess a 5 year old is much more mature and would not be saying such things. (Don't tell Kyler, he was 5 at the adoption).

At my moms house, I pulled out a home video to watch with Kyler.

He thought I was funny and I just enjoyed and relived all of the time my sisters and I spent playing and dancing and doing gymnastics in the front room with the green carpet. I remembered thinking how big that room was . . .

Last night, I pulled out my (I think #15!) journal to record more personal thoughts and experiences--things like my trials, testimony, frustrations, hopes, and blessings.

Blogs, videos, journals . . . all special records of our lives . . . we remember, relive, reflect . . . and grow . . . a source of inspiration for years to come.

Eric keeps telling me to write a children's book.
I'm so not ready for that right now. (He should probably stop telling me that because at this point in my life, I get terrified at the very thought. I have much to learn still).
For now, I am satisfied with writing and recording things for me and my family to go back and read at bedtime and laugh our heads off.
Elaine said...

That is so great! Is there a website or something that you can use to transfer a blog into a scrapbook like that?

nancy said...

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate all you do.

Barb said...

I know, take your funny, heartwarming blog and make it a book for all to read. You really have already written your first book, Laura, only it is a book for parents everywhere!

Adele said...
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Adele said...

I think you should write the book !

You are awesome at storytelling

Jenna Allen said...

Laura's written post = Cute/Good.

Laura's video post = Ah ha ha ha ha! Scary.


Cheryl said...

I'd buy your book!

Stefanie Hyer said...

=) That was such a good present! Yes, memory recording is a great thing! THat was funny about Kyler and being 5. He really is getting much more mature!